Of Mice And Men Ch 1 Summary

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Of Mice and Men Chapter One Summary Of Mice and Men is a novel written by John Steinbeck, which follows two migrant workers in California. The story starts off with George and Lennie walking down a path. George is portrayed as a small, darkish man with “sharp, strong features.” He is quick, has uneasy eyes, a bony nose, strong hands and slender arms. He shows that he really cares for Lennie. Lennie, however, is the opposite of George. He is an enormous man, “shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders” and his hands hung freely. Lennie is mentally disabled and has the mind of a ten year old kid. He loves soft furry animals, as we learned by his obsession with mice and rabbits. Both of them are wearing denim trousers, denim coats, and black hats. The novel starts off with George and Lennie walking down a path. They reach a river, and Lennie starts chugging the water, but George tells him not to drink too much, otherwise he will get sick. Soon, it is noticeable that Lennie has a minor mental disability and that George is taking care of him. George starts complaining, about how that the bus driver dropped them far away from where they needed to go. Lennie asks where they are going and George has to remind him again they are going ranch to ranch looking for work. George advises Lennie to stay quiet, when they go and meet their new boss. George doesn’t want any more trouble, which Lennie caused in Weed, the last ranch they were working on. During supper, Lennie asks if there is any ketchup to eat with the beans. This forces George to give Lennie a speech, about being unthankful. George blurts out that he would be better off without Lennie. Lennie says he should just go live in a cave and George feeling regretful, apologizes to Lennie. He tells Lennie the story of their dream. Both of them want to own a ranch, raise animals, and keep a

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