How To Kill A Mocking Bird - Boo Radley

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It is not right to judge a book by its cover, nor to judge an innocent person by rumors, or their cover. Nobody in Maybomb knows the real Boo Radley. Their vision of him is blurred from his unfortunate and unwise past. When Boo Radley was a teenager, he had made friends with the wrong crowd, or also known as the Cunninghams. This was the first group that ever came close to a gang in Maycomb. Using profane language, loitering around town, and dancing at the Dew Drop Inn & Fishing Co. was enough to disturb the town and make them punish the trouble makers. All of the boys, except Boo, went to Industrial School to straighten up and receive a decent education. Boo, on the other hand, was hastily locked up in his gloomy and isolated house for over 15 years. Being kept away from Maycomb all that time eventually made him go mad. One day while Boo was sitting on the living room floor, cutting up The Maycomb Tribune, he carelessly plunged his sharp scissor blades into his father’s leg. That act was obviously a cry for help. Boo then was not taken to an asylum, but was put in the Maycomb jail courthouse basement. He was not in there for too long because Mr.Radley had to bring him back home so he would not die from the mold growth. When Boo left that basement, he would never see society again. While Boo was chained up in his own house, rumors passed were around town about him. People became terrified of Boo because of stories and lies told about him. He was only a victim of the insanity his parents put him through from being isolated from society. Mr. and Mrs. Radley had no right putting Boo away. It was clearly unethical. Boo Radley should come out and rejoin society so the town can assuage their fear and ignorance of him. There are three main ways Boo would benefit the society by rejoining them. One would be that Boo would get a chance to overcome his past and experience
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