The Book Thief Chapter 1 Summary

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Stage 6: Felix et fur After Quintus asked about dinner, “father, why is Felix not a freedman? Once was our slave.” Then his father told the whole story. Caecilius: Once Felix was writing in the study. Felix was alone. Clemens and Grumio were looking for food in the forum. Metella was out, because her sister was visiting. Felix: Your father was out, because he was looking after the banker. No one was in the house except for Felix and the baby. The little baby was sleeping in the bedroom. Suddenly the thief entered through the door. The thief quietly looked around the atrium; quietly entered the bedroom, where the baby was. Felix heard nothing, because he was working intently. The thief quietly began to carry the little baby from the house. Suddenly the baby cried. After Felix heard the uproar, at once he hurried from the study. “Thief!” shouted Felix angry, and the punched the thief fiercely. Felix almost killed the thief. In this way Felix saved the small child.…show more content…
The merchant was living in the house. The merchant was an old man and miser. The miser has much money. After the thieves were entering the house, they were looking around the atrium. “Miser”, said the thief “he is alone. The miser does not have a slave.” Then the thieves were entering the study. The miser shouted and punched fiercely, but the thieves easily overpowered the old man. “Where is the, old man?” asked the thief. My faithful slave is guarding the money,” said the old man. “You do not have a slave, because the miser is,” shouted the thief. Then the thieves headed for the bedroom. “Show me the money”, asked the thief. The thieves entered the bedroom, where the money was, and watched the money intently. But oh dear! A huge snake was lying on the money. The thieves were afraid of the snake and quickly left the house. In the house the miser was laughing and the snake was happy. “You are my good slave. Never sleep. You will always look after my

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