Gun Point Short Story

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10/26/2009 “Gun Point” Mike stepped into the bar at an astonishing 6’6 295 pounds. His pants sagged below his butt and there was a ring in his back right pocket from his can of tobacco. He was a shaggy man with a handle bar mustache and a thick beard running all the way down his neck. As he approached the bar he said to the bartender, “Double shot of Jack please sir.” This was a small local bar in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where the regulars came to get a drink everyday after work. After Mike quickly downed his shots, he saw out of the corner of his eye that everyone was staring at him. Mike wasn’t a very friendly man so he just kept to himself hoping not to draw much attention. “Two more please,” he says, never looking up…show more content…
After not eating for two days Mike became desperate and held two people at gunpoint for money to get food. He continued this pattern of robbing people for food and sleeping outside for some time. * * * On a gloomy Monday, Jeffrey got up and showered while his wife fixed him breakfast. After staying late in the office, to finish all his work for the day, he started his journey home. Halfway home he noticed a large figure following him in the shadows. Only three blocks from home now, he began to walk with a paranoid step. As his apartment building came in sight, he felt a lifeless hand grab his shoulder and a cold barrel press up against his side. As he began to turn around he heard a deep voice say, “Don’t turn around asshole, give me everything in your pockets and I wont hurt you.” Jeffrey reached into his coat pocket to give the man his wallet and found a ballpoint pen. He turned as quickly as he could trying to stab the man in the neck and POW. A cold explosion erupted in his lungs as he dropped to his knees. At that moment the stranger grabbed his wallet and disappeared into the shadows as Jeffrey lay on the cold sidewalk drowning in his own

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