The Yeoman Man

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Knight: There once was a worthy man, a Christian man was he, he road upon his noble horse for the entire world to see. Squire: He fathered a little boy whom grew up one day, a handsome man with curly blonde hair, the ladies all came his way. The Miller: While all seemed well, there was this man full of jealousy; he sat around and pondered his life until he fell drunk to his knees. With a very large wart on his nose he developed a plan to kill the man who took away the girl of his dreams. The Wife of Bath: What he didn’t know was that his love was a mighty hoe; she slept with many men who kept her away from him. With the gap between her teeth and her lusty desire for meat, she ran away never to come back again. The Friar: As part…show more content…
The Shipman: Now last but not least was a man born out east that sailed the ocean blue, yet stole from his shipmaster too, and cared not much after for he was happy as could be. The Yeoman: As they set out on their adventure they soon began to quiver as a man with bow and arrow approached them. He pulled out a knife and everyone stared in strife as they asked whom he might be. In response the bowman announced that he was servant of the worthy man as well as his son. In astonishment the men cried out and asked where they might find these lads. With a sudden answer and pointing towards the town known as Prancer, the men separated and went on their way. The Guildsmen and The Cook: Darkness began to fall and hunger overcame them all so they decided to stop and grab some food and dine in the brightness of the moon. The cook that served them bore a sore upon his knee but thankfully it didn’t touch any of the young men’s grilled cheese. The Franklin: After their meal the men decided on some wine but when they tried to buy some the freeman said “Its…show more content…
The Clerk: One man was known for his philosophy but despite his attempts his efforts to help the young men went to feathers. The Parson: The next lad to come along seemed very sad. For something laden his heart and that was the thought of the spiritual disappearance within the young men. So as this churchman spoke and poured out his words of wisdom, the young men sat back and didn’t even try to listen. The Ploughman: Now this was not the last time that the men maintained a visit, for only a few days later the churchman’s brother came to visit and leaving with the same results he soon gave up but not without rebuking their crude insults. The Summoner: As judgment came closer a man with leprosy came to remind them their time was running short and as of that day they must follow him to court to hear what they had to say. Despite their various attempts, the men soon discovered that their out come would be a cruel death like no other. The Manciple: With no true education, but quite a bit of reputation, a man came to prepare the lads for their final destination. He informed them of their rights, then left them to be, because now the men sat in pure

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