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Groundhog Day Movie quote: “This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of large squirrel predicting the weather.” Question number 4: “What role does weather have in the story?” Phil Coners is an egoistic and pessimistic weatherman in Philadelphia TV broadcasting station. He went to a town, Punxsutawney, to collect news for Groundhog Day festival with this program PD Lita and cameramen Larry at February first. The weatherman is a person who expects the weather and told to people it. I think it is a job forecasting the future, however, in this film, he couldn’t expect his own things. In that village, people believe that if a marmot was coming out of ground at that time the spring will be come after 6 weeks at Groundhog Day, every February second, he had to report news it. But in the begging of this movie, he didn’t like his job and is apt to see the negative site, so he go to his hotel room immediately when he arrived this town. The first Groundhog Day, at the morning 6 AM, he had have same experience everyday only him. Because other people didn’t know that situation, he was embarrassed that and get angry to other people. After he talked with some guys, his mind was changed until that time. He looks the positive part, “the glass is half empty.” He was having fun every same day like stealing money, meeting many girls, making troubles, even self-suicide. However, he felt that he loves Lita but getting her mind is not easy even though he could get all situations in one day. He felt every tings he had done due that time is nothing Therefore, he learn playing piano, taking ice-chunk, and he helped people everywhere, all day. Finally he became a gently kind, also optimistic man, therefore he could get love from Lita and it was snowing. After he got the greatest day in his life with Lita, he could get another day, February

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