Compare and Contrast the Day After Tomorrow

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The Day After 2012 In a chaotic situation where from one day to another everything around is destroying in pieces, the two choices are to accept the time has come or do what is possible to remain alive. The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 are two films that experience a terrible Global warming disaster, and face a situation where they have to escape to survive. The Global Warming is accelerating and affecting not only the weather, but the Earth too. In The Day After Tomorrow a massive ice shelf breaks off Antarctica, and follow by an Ice Age heading their way. Unlike in 2012, the Earth’s core temperature starts to rise, and begins to warn that the crust will become unstable very soon. Sadly everything happens much sooner than they expect. In both films no one expects the massacre is about to happen. The scientists are actually the ones that discover and alert what soon will happen with the Earth. In The Day After Tomorrow, the scientist name is Jack Hall; he and a climate researcher alert the people. In 2012, Adrian Helmsley, a U.S. scientist and an Indian researcher Satnam who as well discover what the Global warming is causing, try to alert the government and the President of The United States. However, no one believes them until they start to feel the earthquake. Also, both films have two former couple that reunites together during the journey. In every movie there is always that on hesitant person that is going against the plan. In The Day After Tomorrow, certain people don’t want to move to a safer city; they just want to stay in the library until the torment is gone. The protagonist’s father warns him to leave until the torment gets worst or they are all going to die frozen. The people keep hesitating saying they want to stay, until a dog gives them a signal something bad is coming. Similar in 2012, since the President decides to abandon his position, Carl

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