Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?

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Case analysis 5: Does This Milkshake Taste Funny? 1. In my own view, in this case, the time became the main cause of problem. Paul was self-appointed shift leader and make final decision for Eastern Dairy at night working time. Easter Dairy makes targets for employees at night without a leader or someone who have responsible for all manufacture processes. The night shift consisted of a six-person crew of operators, the other crew members looked to Paul for direction. He just like as management supervision. Employees were working at night whose don’t seem very concerns of reputation of Eastern because it doesn't matter with them. Time and target makes high pressures on working environment at night. 2. In the entire evening operation, while George unexpected inspections at the end of the shift, he found the pipes leading to the milkshake mix that were leaking and blocked due to maggots. George was just a new employee at Eastern Dairy, so he doesn't seem understand what happened and what should he do. George decision to report directly to Paul's who was self appointed shift leader and make final decision for Eastern Dairy at night working time. Employees have worked without any direct management supervision. They haven't responsible on quality control of products. 3. If I were George, I will act responsibly and ethically. To ensure compliance to quality standards and food safety, all milk intended for direct consumption should be pasteurized. So, Milk manufacture processes will the most important problems. To find solution for this problem, I will directly contact with management or director of Eastern Dairy though emergency phone list who have total responsible if the product will go to market. I hope that they can solve problem by replace solution. 4. Stringent government standards ensure that all milk is safe, pure and nutritious. Eastern Milk

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