Christmas Family Tradition

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When Christmas is coming, people are going to decorate thier house to let it looks good and they can get good family relationship that they work together. They will buy beautiful decorations to decorate their house together. For example, they may buy the white spray to paint on their windows to look like snow or they can buy a Christmas tree or the flowers that have the good smell then put in their house and they will be happy with the result that they worked togethetr by their hands with their family. Furthermore, on Christmas day that family are gathering together they can celebrate together, having a party and taste the delicious dish. They’ll talk to each other and laugh together to shared the things that they’ve experiened. After that, they will exchange the present that they’ve prepared and you may see people’s feeling on their face that they’re happy or excited. Of course, the family relationship will become closer from this celebration. Santa Claus is a familiar person of Christmas who known as a generous person that delivers Christmas gifts and he was known by his red suit, flowing white beard. What is more, he has a board face and a little a little round belly that will be shake when he laughes, like a bowl full of jelly. He is chubby and plump just like a right jolly old elf that look kind to let people feel good and they have nothing to dread. But is the Santa Claus really exist in the world? In my opinion maybe our parents are the Santa Claus too because they are the person that give the gift to their children. Finally, Christmas is a good time that family can get together to do activities together such as decorate their house with their hands and have a celebration party to have fun and make the relationship better. Moreover, Christmas has it own history even we don’t know that Santa Claus is really exist

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