Boundless World Essay

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Boundless World Do you find yourself poor in getting to know other students in school? Tired of sitting on the chair in the classroom and putting yourself in a bookish person? Can’t relate to your classmates when their talking about whose in the relationship. Do you find your classmates strange every time they got bothered about their plants? Consequently, have you ever wonder why they would plant at all? More so, over-acting about their pets bathing and feeding or of the rush to serve on time? Tired of calling your love ones with your cellphone or landline? Have you find many students aware at the new and hottest music video in town? Well, stop that wondering because they found a new place where they can find all those stuffs. By just browsing on the boundless world of internet, they could easily interact to other people in just a click. Facebook Facebook is one of the global manias that penetrated the Philippines shores. It’s just like love that quite unexpectedly bumped at you in no time. It is an example of social networking site that allows user to create network of friends and gain their social life, send messages to their love ones in different places here in our country and especially in abroad, upload their precious or significant videos and photos that they can even tag and share to their close companion, addicted games like King of Kung Fu, Ninja Saga, Farmville, Petville and other online games that can help them relax when they are at home. It can also update status just like when you’re in a relationship, single, and even when it is complicated to be post. This creation that was most loved by all kinds of people here in the Philippines, rooted by the heartache of a boy named Mark Zuckerberg, a Computer Science student (sophomore) in Harvard University (HU) who’s very crazy in love of a girl that had a pleasing beauty that mesmerized every

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