How Social Media Affect Us

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How Social Media Affect Us Introduction The social media is a way to communicate with your friends, to write and upload pictures, and it’s also a way to find out about many information and news that are going on around the world. However, how does the social media help spread information around the world and how does social media affect the people who use it? This research paper focuses on the impact and effects that the social media has on people. The impacts and effects that social media has on people are news and other information are spread faster and sooner on the social networks than other places and people are more time on the computer because of social media instead of doing homework or doing a sport or even exercising. I chose the topic of the social media for many reasons. The first reason was because I like going on Facebook to chat with my friends. The second reason was because I go on Twitter all the time to see what my favorite music and movie stars are doing. The last reason I chose this topic was because I like going on social networks and so I wanted to find out how the social media affects the people that go on it and how it help spread information. Methodology I took several steps in conducting research on the social media. First, I went to my school library to look up some books. Second, I went online to look up more resources. Lastly, I went to the public library to get more books. Going to the school library had some positive and negative outcomes for my research. One positive outcome was that I found a couple of books that were on the social media. Another positive effect was that I got to go on the computer and found some good information for my topic. However, there were some negative outcomes as well. One was that there were only a couple of books on the social media but they did not contain enough information.
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