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Fin516 W5 Mini Case Essay

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Mini case assignment Week 5:

Executive Summary

About the company
In July 2004, facebook was established by Mark Zuckberg with his fellow Harvard University students.   Reuters (2013) defined Facebook as a company which is ‘engaging in building products to create utility for users, developers, and advertisers.’ From a user’s perspective, Facebook brings a new culture and lifestyle to people in most parts of the world. It is a social networking website which provides people a platform to obtain information related to whoever and whatever they concern. After registering to the website, users can find their friends through different ways including through personal email contacts, mobile phone contacts and even through the basic information you provide during the registration with Facebook. For example, if you provide the name of the university you attend, Facebook is able to find your schoolmates through searching its database of those who attended the same university. The more detailed information you provided to Facebook, the more friends in real world you will find on the website, if your friends use Facebook. Users can share everything on the Facebook, they can tell what’s going on in their lives by writing a few words on their own Facebook page and they can upload pictures and videos as well as write articles. Facebook changed the people’s way of interacting with each other.   Users can get information about their friends every second they want. All they need to do is to click their friend’s Facebook page. People with common interests or features can create groups on Facebook in order to share information with others. People can also manage events on Facebook event pages through sending invitations, notifications and reminders to their friends. Facebook also has the Place feature by which users can see where their friends are if they share location on Facebook. Users might be able to see if any their friends are nearby. Place feature...

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