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Management Information Systems Term 03 Facebook Case Submitted by: Atul Anand | Rahul Verma | Ravi Kiran Q.1) Why do people use Facebook and what do they do when they are there? Users of Facebook create a list of friends, update their status, Comment on the contents of other, they sometimes indicate that they like another user’s content, and to write private and public messages or just “poke” to indicate that they are in touch with each other online. They browse through the recent updates of their friends and sometimes respond to self-generated leads to new friends “People you may know”. They form communities and group and discuss issues pertaining to topic of their interests. They respond to the advertisements which keep flashing on the screen. These days responding to various kinds of “Apps” like Viddy, farmville etc. via facebook is increasing day by day. Many software and services rode the Facebook to viral stardom and users are driven by facebook to use them. Users play interactive game and experience the thrill of interacting over long distances. Q.2) Evaluate the success of advertising on Facebook. Facebook had two different types of advertising: facebook pages and social ads. Zuckerberg explained how Facebook’s advertising strategies were better in comparison to traditional strategies because the messages exchanged between friends are taken more seriously than messages sent by a company. Facebook pages advertise certain messages in peoples newsfeeds and also notify friends of a user that ‘become a fan’ of that company. Facebook’s social beacon was not favorable to users at first because it was “opt out” not “opt in” which meant advertisers would display activity without first asking the user and that lead to unhappy users who said it was “an invasion of privacy” .once the social beacon became “opt in” users were much happier with the service. Q.3)

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