Hum/176 Week 4 Option 1

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media? Some advantages of social media are being able to keep in touch with family, friends, and classmates. You are able to communicate, upload videos, upload pictures and instant message someone without having the expense of long distance calling fees. Someone’s family can be able to know what’s going on in their family member’s lives. People can show off their children or the birth of a new born baby. Another advantage of social media is that a person can market their business. Social media can attract people to your website from links that are advertised or shared by a friend or consumer. With social media a person can meet new people in their area and also meet new people in their state, country, and around the world. Some disadvantages of social media are cyber bullying, harassment, and stalking. Social media can take damage and completely ruin a person’s reputation. Another major disadvantage to social media is the gps locater. Facebook now has a location tracker that shows where you are posting from. You have to go and turn off the locator function for it not to show where you are posting from. The locator setting shows where you are posting right down to the house number. Some people end up having a dependency or addiction to social media and sacrifice their home life, school, and relationships with other people. Another disadvantage of social media is work production. Social media can distract an employee and take away from work that needs to be completed. How might knowing these advantages and disadvantages alter how a person might use social media? Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of social media, it may alter a person’s use of social media by making them more aware of the potential dangers. Parents will monitor their children’s use of social media and check for cyber bullying, harassment,
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