black-focused school Essay

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Topic: The black-focused schools (AGAINST) According to the article “Black-focused schools are about are about inclusion, not segregation”, written by George Dei, argues that the black-focused schools should be approved widely in Canada because of these advantages such as the restriction of the high drop-out rates among black students, the concentration on own identities, cultures, or backgrounds, and these schools are just like other faith-focused schools or French immersion programs. Although these schools have given a lot of benefits by themselves, it still has a lot of racism problems that the whole society tries to solve. In the article, Dei states that instead of creating an educational environment with all of students from different races, high schools’ system in Canada has made deep psychological wounds for black students. Hence, the drop-out rates among black students are higher than ever before. “Despite these successes, however, many students are failed by the educational system. Black youth have a high drop-out/push-out rate. Further, many black students who are physically present in schools, are disengaged in both mind and soul.” From my own knowledge, I strongly disagree with the author’s statement. Why does the author think that when the black students drop-out schools? Some black students might quit schools because of racial segregation reasons; however, these reasons cannot increase the drop-out rates among black students. There are other reasons that explain for high drop-out rates such as poverty or distraction. Nowadays, some black students must to quit their schools because of their financial situations. Some black students’ families do not have enough money to support their children’s studies. Although the education system in Canada is free, earning enough money to maintain the studies is so difficult. Therefore, some
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