School Dropouts Essay

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School dropouts, which the experts appropriately name attrition, have been increasing suddenly. This issue in particular has been widely debated all over the world in order to find the appropriate solutions. People have come to understand the causes of attrition, which affect a wind range of children and teenagers, particularly in rural regions. Some statistics and strong evidence show that school dropouts can result from poverty, bad grades, and school’s location. Poverty is known to be the major cause of school dropouts. The inability to pay school tuitions and fees, to purchase books, and to have the opportunity to enroll in good high schools and universities lead people harshly to leave school. In addition, recent research reveals that a huge amount of school dropouts is the result of poverty, and it does not enable people to enroll in good high school and universities, whereas government is putting a blind eye. In fact, we can notice a lot of poor people in the rural regions who are complaining most of the time that they do not have enough money to afford tuitions simply because these families earn the minimum salary. Students who live and study in an unusual way cannot outperform at school, and this is one reason in which students decide to leave school. So, it will be a nice windfall if government could solve these issues. As a matter of fact, poor students are not able to be a kind of overachiever’s students that the government seeks. The fact that they leave school can be caused by different reasons, but poverty is still the major cause of attritions. Getting bad grades can be another reason to leave school; in other words, failing a course and getting bad grades tend to yield attrition, and it may result from different issues that students face. Students who are not succeeding in academics can withdraw from school easily. In one hand, many students
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