Do Minorities and Whites Engage in Self Segregation

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Do minorities and whites engage in self segregation? I agree with Beverly D. Tatum from the book “Taking Sides”. I think we do self-segregate and that is because of the society we are brought up in. In today’s modern society African Americans do not sit in the back of the bus or go to separate schools however there is still segregation. I think it is because of two basic reasons; firstly, as Tatum points out, one can relate better with peers of their own race because they too understand the difficulties of being a minority. I think she really made a great point, how can we expect a white person to understand the racism towards African Americans. Ms. Tatum gave an example regarding a 9th grade substitute teacher suggesting four-year colleges to all her white students and suggesting that a black adolescent male in her class go to a community college. It would be almost silly for that African American boy to sympathize with one of the white peers, not only would it be hard to relate to each other, it would be downright embarrassing. I actually think that the white teenager wouldn’t be able to see why the colored boy was hurt, they would just brush it off and give an explanation like “oh the teacher didn’t mean it like that”. Secondly, I feel that because history has had such segregation, either by race, religion or by class, people feel as if they would be going against the norm and what society wants from them. History has taught us that the black people go here and the white people go there so that is what is ingrained in our minds. Also we are taught from a young age to marry our own kind and have the same colored children, for example, look at Barbie and ken dolls; they are the perfect white couple, and do you ever see a five year old white girl holding a black baby doll?. So because people are exposed to segregation at such a young age, when a intermarried

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