The Crip And The Blood Analysis

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(1) 22002489 The Crips & The Blood BY: GEORGIE ANN JONES This paper is centered on gang related crimes and the makeup of why gangs exist. The main gang I want to discuss is the crips and the bloods. They originated in the United States in California. The gangs however, have in 2011 penetrated its extension into the South. I know personally one person whom declares himself a blood. In the film, the many men who were narrating and discussing the gangs were adamant about why they had to have such. In the fifties when racist white man would not allow young black boys to join the boys club; that was devastating. It was in reality a hatred act toward a child whom had not yet learned the world of being hated in order to hate.…show more content…
When the option to choose a black over a white counterpart the black race still to this day fear being looked over; only because of skin color. Some blacks in authority do the same discriminating practice when given the opportunity to be in authority; for fear their supervisor will think they are being partial to their race. It should be who would fit in the organization with the right attitude, the right qualifications, & capabilities to adjust to the task at hand. This also, brings into play so many aspects of why do gangs exist at all? In the film they pointed out that the majority of the young men were raised and mentored by their mothers, grandmothers & aunts. That in itself is devastating when a young man needs nurturing and mentoring from a male figure, where does he find…show more content…
I for instance when I was twenty-two years of age I visited a bar in Ocala, FL; the waitress refused to wait on me and my guest and told us we would have to wait until the owner came in at 5:30pm; it was 12:30pm. I never forgot that incidence because it let me know bills and laws does not make one accept individuals; but its absolute change in the heart of the person. The making of the black panthers, the crips & the bloods & other degrading groups in America has been a way of life for too many young black men. It has not all been the best avenue are vehicle to take; however; as long as America keep putting themselves and their net worth above the heritage of a race of people, blacks will continue to be lost and having no family cohesion. However, it is up to the ones that have been educated and understand that we as a nation of people will only learn that we are our brothers

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