Essay On African Americans After Ww2

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World War II may not have been a pleasant thing to endure, but it seems to be a pivotal moment for black history and their civil rights. During World War II, African American Men fought in the army for civil rights across the globe while representing America; they had started to wonder why it was not happening at home. This sparked a huge rise in black activism in America. The status of African Americans seemed to be minor and still had a long way to go until equality was established, but improvements were being made which meant that it could lead onto bigger and more drastic improvements. The improvements being made seemed to be in favour of hopefully treating African Americans as equals. At the start of WWII, segregation was still in place. Black and White people were trained in different places ate and slept…show more content…
Because of this, all armed forces were eventually desegregated. This is a huge step to equality as it shows to people that black people can do the same jobs white people can do. Although this may have been apparent, many white people still treated black people as second class citizens. You could say to an extent that they treated them like children as white Americans thought that they were still smarter than African Americans even though this has been proved wrong in WWII. Even though African Americans have shown that they can do what Caucasian Americans can do there is still De Jure segregation in the south which is commonly known as the Jim Crow law. The Jim Crow law states that black and white people should be segregated, but the facilities should be of the same standard; ‘separate, but equal’ although many of the facilities given to African Americans were usually nowhere near as luxurious as the Caucasian’s facilities. In 1954, the Brown vs Board or education case overturned the Plessy Vs Ferguson case which stated that public schools should be separated. This is a huge improvement to the status of American
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