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Barcelona vs Real Madrid For decades , any competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona football clubs have attracted football fan's attention so much , because it based not only sportive success but also cultural ,mental, and racial distinctions . In this rivalry , I am supporting FC Barcelona , due to fallowing reasons. First of all, Barcelona is capital city of catalonia where the major community are catalans . They have different language , culture , and history ,and they want to be separate from Spain . I do not want to debate here the legitmacy or illegality of this action , but it is undeniable that peoples or communities , who fight for their freedom , seem always cute according to other people . FC Barcelona is the symbol of this action. On the other hand , Madrid is capital of Spain , and Real Madrid is the team of the government and the Royal family. This Backup make Real Madrid unlikebale , since this support caused to be observered sometimes unobjective refree management in footboll game in favour of Real madrid. What is more , Real madrid , also known as the Spanish dictator Franco 's team , have not changed its mental for about 50 years . Today , we can easily observe traces of this political vision of the team management and some part of its fans , which is based on fascism and racism For exmaple , Samuels Eto'o , one of the best strikers in present football , was formerly player of Real Madrid . However , because of their skin , he was neither accepted from the team nor given opportunity to play . On the contrary , FC Barcelona , which have not had any shirt sponsor until a few years ago , carried on their jerseys the name of the Unicef . Furthermore , they pay for this sponsorship to the Unicef , and team players work as a Goodwill Ambassador of the Unicef . I think that this is gorgeous behavior , since football fans can exactly know the

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