Natural Selection Case Study

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Business Law, Case Study on the NFL Bounty Program Natural Selection of Bounty Program Jury Evolution or Destruction of Humanity March 21, 2012 Jason Leer In the 19th century a crazy eyed biologist from England “developed a theory that would contradict the creation of man and imply that all species derived from common ancestors through a process called natural selection” (Theory of Natural Selection) “Natural selection acts to preserve and accumulate minor advantageous genetic mutations” (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution). This man was Charles Darwin. Darwin studied the differences between species living on islands…show more content…
He has handed out the most serious suspensions and penalties in sports history and has followed through thoroughly on this two year investigation. The NFL is already an extremely aggressive sport without the need of added possibility for injury to players. Could a bounty program of this type benefit the NFL in any way? The NFL Commissioner doesn’t think so. The NFL fans don’t think so. If the leader of the NFL and the fans of the NFL don’t believe this is good for the sport then why did it go on for nearly ten years? Many players have come forth stating they knew of the bounty but it was only for legal hits on other players. No payouts were ever made for illegal hits or harm to other players from questionable actions. Although the players may be supporting the coach’s actions, most are calling for their heads…and possibly for good reason. These acts are not only premeditated, but they are malicious and create a bullying environment that is already dangerous for the players. Paying people to harm others is not legal in our society no matter what the circumstances may be. The only exception to this would be boxing or UFC matches, but even then, there are not bonuses for ripping off an arm, leg or ear. Should there be legal ramifications to those involved in bounty programs? Some believe the answer is yes. “I'm starting to believe that these acts extend into…show more content…
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