Bad Times at Quality Shoe

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Bad Times at Quality Shoe It appears that Mack did not solve the problem with the best possible problem solving approach. Mack might have Gone to a supervisory seminar on group and creative decision making, but it dose not appear that Mack applied what he learned as well as he could have. IT was a good idea talking to Ralph being he is a fifteen year vet with the company but yet Mack should of not of tried to stay uninvolved in the decision making. Mack should have taken Ralph aside and discussed the situation with him, asking him his opinion on the best way to handle the situation. Mack and Ralph needed to work out a discussion plan and use it in a meeting with the other employees.. The fairest way to handle the situation would be by seniority, But all employees could be given the option to take a voluntary cut in hours so that everyone could still work. It could also be possible that a voluntary lay-off be offered and when the situation improves everyone could have their jobs back. Mack knowing that this is his options he could then call a employee meeting and discuss the matter with them. With Mack being open with the employees he will be able to get their opinions and include them into the discussion and decision for solving the problem. Since Mack did not give the employees guidelines and told Ralph that he would put into what he decided as long as it was reasonable. Mack did not use a good standard when trying to sole the situation. The employees may not have the same Bad Times at Quality Shoe 3 definition of reasonable as Mack , so therefore Mack will need to take in consideration of what the employees suggested and handle the situation as he was instructed by his

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