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Best Practices Manual For Supervisors Beth Dillman 10/1/11 Terry Grier MGT 210 In this manual one will find that issues covering some of the best practices to help managers and supervisors on all levels to succeed in their position. It is hoped that this manual will be used daily, and reflects the time and effort that was put into the manual. In this manual many different situations will be discussed and examples of how to deal with employees and situations fairly. Through out the manual all points listed below will be…show more content…
It is important not to speak out of angry emotions, and again sometimes it is best to tell an employee that one may need to think on the matter first before responding. While it may not seem like a "big deal" it is important to make sure that the words that are used when speaking to employees are simple and clear. Some employees may not understand the use of large words, and therefore the message that the manager / supervisor is trying to convey may be lost. Good grammar is also a must for every type communication. Use of slang terms is not a wise idea, as what is acceptable in generation / culture could be offensive to the next.. We must make sure we are saying exactly what we mean to and clearly enough that so that others are going to hear exactly what the manager / supervisor is trying to say. According to Dr. William F. Kumuyi, some signs of a bad listener are interruptions, inpatients, in attention, bias, and shutting down during communications (Kumuyi, 2008). These examples of being a bad listening skills help keep show the manager / supervisor attuned to how exactly they might be listening or appear to the employee as listening. One can not go through life thinking that it is ok to interrupt or be impatient, for this will tend to make others think you are not listening at all. Communication is a highly important tool in the workforce. It is how a manager / supervisor…show more content…
It is important that companies find innovative ways to keep relations high between upper management and the employees themselves. Having good relations trickles down to improved services, improved production, and a happier work force. The best way that a manager / supervisor can do this is to be fair, be firm, and be a part of the team. Employees who have managers / supervisor who have been promoted from within a company and understands the job gives a morale boost when employees see that there are opportunities for them to "increase their status" Employees who have managers / supervisors who are hired " off the streets" sometimes feel resentments, due to the fact that they may feel as if the person is inexperienced. An employee's perception is everything, even if it may be incorrect. Another way that employee relations can be improved is to have the confidence of your employed staff. Having managers / supervisors that employees feel " have their backs", listen to what they have to say, pass along their fears, concerns, and ideas to the powers that be, and remain creditable, mean the world to employee. These managers / supervisors are an asset to any company. To an employee, the manager / supervisor is the company. If a manager / supervisor takes the time to it goes miles in employee relations. If the manager / supervisor cares then to the employee the

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