The Orion Shield Project: Case Analysis

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Executive Summary Gary Allison has earned a stellar reputation in his position as a project engineer at Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC). Due to his reputation, Henry Larsen, the director of engineering has asked Gary Allison to be the project manager for the proposal and subsequent contract for the Orion Shield Project. This is Gary’s first experience as a project manager. Gary encountered several technical issues during the life of the project. The first issue was realized before the RFP proposal was submitted. Gary realized the original material did not meet the specified temperature required by Space Technology Industries (STI). They continued to have technical issues with alternate test matrix and with the new materials. Later in the project, they found the new material met the required temperature but it would last less than five years. Gary encountered ethical issues when the proposal was submitted that the material could withstand up to 155 degrees which is a stretch because the material could only withstand up to 130 degrees, using STI’s money to test new materials without informing them, withholding information about the age life of the new material and not sending out the technical data ahead of time to the clients so they could analyze it before the meeting allowed the clients to question Gary’s integrity. Gary encountered potential legal and contractual issues related to breach of contract due to the false information submitted in the proposal about the degrees the material to withstand and using STI money to text new materials without telling the clients. Additionally Gary did not communicate with his team or with the clients and was only able to focus on one task at a time. Gary did not utilize any project management tools or processes therefore he was unable to give proper oversight over the project. My recommendation to
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