Century Medical Case Analysis

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Century Medical Case Analysis I. Executive Summary The case is about a basic organizational theory on personalities which says that people in an organization have different personalities. Thus they have different approach in dealing with people and machines. The case also emphasizes the fact that many people are resistant to change and reluctant to integrate technology with their existing organization processes. Case analysis here means to perform a situational analysis, define the problem, analyze causes of the problem, explore alternative solutions to the problem and to recommend the best alternative and its implementation strategy. II. Case Background Sam Nolan is CIO at Century Medical, a large medical products company based in Connecticut. For the last 4 years after him joining the organization, he has led many successful IT projects and organization has made great progress integrating technology into its system and processes. But now Tom Carr, new boss of Nolan, has completely rejected the project proposal of setting a new web based internal recruitment system proposed by Nolan. Nolan is in dilemma whether Tom is right with his people centric approach believing people and technology cannot work together. Again, Nolan is baffled whether he should advance with the new project or not? III. Problem Statement Sam Nolan(CIO) is finding it difficult to get project approval from Tom Carr(EVP), for designing a new web based internal recruitment system. Tom coming from a old school of thoughts, is resistant to change and believe technology cannot replace the processes involving people. Again, he is not very aware of the IT and its applications and lacks the trust in existing employees. Keeping in mind the track record of Nolan with his previous projects, this new improvement initiative seems beneficial to organization in terms of time/cost saving an improved

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