August Wilson

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encesTrenton Gunn The Importance Of Being Allowed/Suited To Be Who You Are Parents wish the best for their children in every situation. Most parents desire their offspring to be a direct descendant of who they are. However, there are many parents who do not wish for their kids to be anything like them. Children develop dreams and hopes normally based on what their parents have become as well as how parents handle certain situations. On the other end of this situation, most parents try to make life seem simple and full of “yes or no” decisions. Parents will pretend to be something that they are not in order to appease the curiosity that life has offer their children. Two stories in particular, “Fences” by August Wilson and “Death of a…show more content…
It creates a happiness and builds something to work towards. However, some parents chase after goals in which they just are not suited for. For instance, in “Death Of A Salesman“, Willy, the father of Biff and Happy, creates a false sense of a positive outlook on searching for a career and what it takes by saying that, “The man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets ahead.” (Miller Line 625-627). In fact, these ideas are the exact opposite of what it takes to be successful in the business world. Willy thinks that if he were to tell the truth to his kids, they wouldn’t respect him for not being as successful as he claims to be. Outside influences have driven Willy to believe that he is not built for the salesman job. Furthermore, many people chase after jobs that they do not enjoy in order to keep up with what society believes to be acceptable in regards to standard living. Biff, Willy’s son, knows that he is not built for the business world. He would like to settle for less and do something he enjoys. However, his father refuses to believe that his child was born to work on a ranch. Anyone would want the most for their kid. Most of the time, this happiness from parents is provided by the fact that their child is thoroughly financially secure and maintains a white collar career. This problem is still very apparent today. Parents will run out on their families, and do so much as to commit suicide because they don’t live up to their own expectations, as well as society’s expectations. Also, when children take a different turn from their parents’ wishes for their lives, it develops conflict between parent and child. In “Fences”, Troy exhibits sort of the same behavior towards his children and life itself. Originally, Troy was built to be a baseball player. However, his problem pertained to the fact that he was not
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