Green Mountain Case Study

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Green Mountain Case Study Critical Review Background Green Mountain Resort was a small resort in the Appalachians. It did not offer a great deal amenities but it did offer exclusive memberships that included golf, tennis, and skiing for owners of vacation properties at Green Mountain, the country club lifestyle. When vacation properties would be sold out, the resort would need to operate as a normal resort without the easier access to the property buyers. As the Green Mountain was nearing property sell out, the investment bank sent in a team to sell the resort. The team fell in love with the resort and decided to buy it for themselves and continue operations and ensure that Green Mountain Resort and the community would not be affected when the land was sold out. One owner, Gunter, had a vision to make Green Mountain a first-class mountain resort. Issues The main problem with Green Mountain was the high turnover rate of competent staff. It was difficult enough to find good employees and the matters were made worse when the good ones did not stay long with the resort and moved on to other jobs. Gunter tried to keep the good employees by offering term contracts and better benefits however this was unsuccessful. There were few opportunities for promotion even with the high turnover rate. Analysis Turnover is the biggest problem requiring treatment. Gunter was aware of this and after failing to mitigate this issue through term contracts and increased benefit packages he brought in external consultants to seek new ideas of dealing with the problem. Early on consultants could not offer much help as the turnover of employees remained constant. The consultant identified the issue as employees being poached or lured away, from Green Mountain due to their quality/good training and experience. Instead of looking at turnover as a problem, the consultant had

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