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Aileen Tsay, Douglas Wells, Grace Claudio, Jeff Liu Mgmt 102 – Managerial Org Behavior Grace McLaughlin November 17, 2011 Case Study #3 – Thomas Green Summary: In “Thomas Green: power, office politics, and a career in Crisis”, It depicts the dilemma of Thomas Green who works in a company called Dynamic Display. After five months of working as an account executive, Green was directly promoted as the Senior Market Specialist by the vice president of the company’s travel division Shannon McDonald. However, Frank Davis, Green’s boss, did not intend to choose Green as the new senior market specialist and he is very unhappy about Green’s performance and working attitude three months after the promotion. After Green learned that his boss had been emailing McDonald regarding his concern about Green’s performance, Green was very worried about the situation and did not how he should explain his perspective to McDonald. 
Analysis: Although Green is willing to achieve a high selling growth for the company, he concentrated too much on achieving the goal instead of observing the surrounding situation. Moreover, Green did not have enough managerial experiences so he was not able to deal with issues based on a structural and long-term view; that's why he decided to avoid interactions with Davis instead of making improvements or rebuilding his relationship with Davis after Davis first criticized him. Their divergence in work style and personalities also contributed to the problem. For example, Davis prefers using memos or presentations when a meeting is set up, while Green would rather talk to his client directly or talk about things face to face. In addition, lack of communication further deteriorated the situation between Davis and Green. Despite Green’s relationship with Davis as a subordinate, they were less connected with each other for their job

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