Marketing Assessment Task 2

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The key marketing strategy of Nike 1. Make a clear and proper orientation: high-tech shoes with competitive price 2. Utilize “pyramid of influence” by hiring top athletes to promote Nike product so that a winning-related product image is created and the relationship between consumers is built 3. When aiming at new market, adjust promotion strategy to the local culture and hire spokesman who have more influence to help Nike expand 4. Designing short but attractive slogan for the brand which is also connected to sportsmanship 5. Use endorsements from high-profile athletes and consumer outreach programs to enter new athletic equipment 6. Keep using hot superstars as spokesman and expand the brand impact from basketball to football and many other kinds of sports 7. Cooperate with high-tech products like iPhone to optimize the user experience the key points of ‘Marketing Myopia’ The article is primary about the issue that lots of “growing” companies have problem in properly identify where they are and what should they do. In fact, those “growing” companies are not truly “growing” because that even if they are still making profit, they are losing consumers and market at the same time. Especially those companies who owns irreplaceable resource and products for now, they should have a clear cognition that no product is indispensable forever. In addition, companies always narrow themselves to a limited area so that it is hard to have extraordinary improvement in their products. In order to keep their competitiveness in this rapidly developing age, asking for trouble is necessary so that companies will be pushed to develop products to reach higher level of consumer satisfaction. It is important to focus on customers and customers’ needs instead of just persuading customers to make the exchange. In order not to be dropped by the changing taste of consumer’s

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