Competitive Advantage Essay

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Competitive Advantage Analysis Marketing 495 Team D Jo-Jan Hardesty June 12, 2014 Jsdfk;af f the only person that knows me is u if u only knew The Muscle Pharn brand is positioned perfectly among competitors in order to win over its target market. There are specific attributes of Muscle Pharm products that make it stand out when compared to other similar products. In order to use every available advantage, Muscle Pharm marketers combine both rational and emotional attributes to appeal to the target market. In order to catch a buyer’s attention, Muscle Pharm marketing executives chose packaging that will cause a buyer’s attention to be drawn to it, without overwhelming him or her with clutter. The simplistic design and logo of Muscle Pharm printed on eye-catching neon green and black containers will surely be seen first among a shelf of plain products, even before the buyer is standing in front of the products. In addition to the physical attributes of Muscle Pharm products, a buyer belonging to the targeted market will likely already recognize the colors and design as belonging to an extremely popular and elite leading nutritional supplement product. Muscle Pharm utilizes top athletes to endorse and promote the product line in order to appeal to a buyer’s emotional need to receive the same results as the athletes. Using body builders, football players and UFC fighters to promote Muscle Pharm litters the market with the Muscle Pharm logo and colors, creating brand recognition to buyers. For example, Muscle Pharm marketers negotiated a deal with the UFC to make Muscle Pharm the official supplement sponsor, creating even more opportunity for Muscle Pharm to advertize. The logo MP appears on mats and pole pads of nationally televised fights and by wearing the MP logo in major fights, UFC fighters frequently promote the product during major fights. Muscle Pharm

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