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Unit 2: Team Leadership in the Uniformed Public Services 1 Understand the styles of leadership and the role of a team leader 2 Be able to communicate effectively to brief and debrief teams 3 Be able to use appropriate skills and qualities to lead a team 4 Understand what makes an effective team. Introduction Your Objectives: In this chapter you will learn about the following: The styles of leadership and the role of a team leader The process of briefing and debriefing teams The appropriate skills and qualities required to lead a team The things that make a team effective 1. Leadership Styles 1. What are leadership styles? Definition: Leadership styles may also be known as management styles. They are the approaches that people use when directing and motivating people to achieve a task. The leadership styles we are most interested in are outlined as follows and only bad leaders will stick to one predominant style. Good leaders will change their style according to the circumstances and situation they are dealing with: • Authoritarian This style is used when the leader wants to achieve a task quickly. S/he will just tell the team or individuals what s/he wants to be done, when to do it and even how to do it without consultation from the team members. If you are short of time this might be the best way to get your employees motivated. People see this style of leadership as the wrong way of motivating individuals and leaders using this style can appear bossy. Some also argue that this style of leadership must be used sparingly and the best way of motivating your team would be to use the democratic style. • Democratic This leadership style is used when the leader wants to involve the team members in the decision making process. The democratic leader tends to delegate their authority to others and

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