Leadership Style: Autocratic Vs. Democratic Leader

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Leaders are those people who can influence and support others in the accomplishment of a certain task. Every leader is qualified with a certain leadership style. Leadership style is the method or the style used by the leader to provide directions, apply plans, and motivate people. Out of the different leadership styles, I have chosen autocratic versus democratic style. An autocratic leader is a leader who loves to have authority and power over others. A democratic leader is a leader who gives authority to others and tries to influence others by encouraging participation in order to complete the assigned tasks. Every style has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the organizational circumstances. Tannenbaum and Schmidt also suggested…show more content…
Hence, an autocratic leader can make quicker decisions then the democratic leader since the democratic leader would have to go for different reviews and that will slow down the process. However, democratic leaders have a higher chance of making better decisions then those autocratic leaders because many people are involved in the decision. Moreover, democratic leaders tends to create a happier work environment for all employees then autocratic leaders, because employees who work in a democratic environment would feel free and more appreciated since they give their opinions. Differences are much more than the similarities between these two leadership styles. One of the similarities between these two styles is that both need to be task oriented. Furthermore, both types of leaders need to influence others and direct them to achieve their…show more content…
First, the leader should determine the desired results. Second, what he wish to be known for because that would state his personality. According to Judy in the article, one should be sure not to include in it traits that he do not believe he can ever truly exhibit. Third, a leader should identify his identity because as Judy believes that one should not only know what he wants to be known for but also how will he probably have to act to get there. Forth, a leader should construct a leadership brand statement and test it. Finally, he should make that brand

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