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MG 469 Dr. Harold Hamilton Written Case 11/24/2013 An Analysis of Amazon Executive Summary Amazon has become one of if the not the largest online retailer of all products. From baby clothing to inflatable party sheep, Amazon sells everything and anything you might need. Since their inception in July 1995, Amazon has been a trailblazer in the online retailer industry. Through their strategies which have taken advantage of the external environment’s strengths and weaknesses, Amazon has been able to survive the dot com bust, and rise to such a high level as an online retailer. They have also been able to utilize the technology available today to use their resources effectively, to gain new customers. Though, they have been faced with problems from the environment such as the intensity of competition, they have still been able to remain strong in the industry. Amazon has over the years been able to develop an extremely strong and competitive internal environment within their company. Through their excellent skills and retention of top talent, Amazon has been able to create excellent brand recognition. Amazon has also been able to completely exploit the global market through the Internet, and this has been a great strength for Amazon. Looking at Amazon as a whole, and how they interact with their environment, I would be confident and willing to invest in them fully External Analysis of the Environment There are multiple factors, which affect the external environment of a company. Amazon, being an Internet based company, is extremely affected by changes and improvements in technology. One of the issues, which I think could affect Amazon, is the availability of the Internet as well as the speed of Internet, which is offered. Amazon relies upon the Internet to deliver all of its services and if speeds offered were to rise, then Amazon could utilize this to offer

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