The influence of internet on people's life Essay

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The influence of Internet on people’s life. There is a big influence of Internet in our daily life. It is becoming more and more important for almost everybody. This medium has changed our life enormously, there is no doubt about that. There are many advantages that show its importance. I mean, although it can have some negative aspects and dangers, Internet has changed our life in a positive way. I am going to focus on three aspects that I consider show the most important change on people’s life and behavior. These are, Internet as: - The biggest data base ever. - The widest and fastest way of communication. - A second life. About the first aspect I can say that we have replaced the use of encyclopedias by using internet. There are many reasons why this has happened. First of all, is obviously easier to search for results on a web search tool, like Google, than having to choose a book about the subject you are dealing with, and then look up on its appendix, to see if it contains the piece of information you need. Secondly, the amount and variety of information you can get through the suggested web sites is bigger, because they are not only from books, they can also be from magazines and even essays and projects of college, that students share on internet. Finally, you don’t have to travel to the library, and as if it weren’t enough, you don’t need to write down the information while reading, because of the function “copy” and “paste”. It seems like this wonder couldn’t have any flaw, but in fact it does. Web sites are sometimes not as reliable as books. The most famous ones, like Wikipedia are edited by normal people, so that could decrease the veracity of the information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I had to speak about the internet as a communication

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