Alternative Media Advertising Campaign Proposal for the Healthy Cuny Initiative Essay

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ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN PROPOSAL FOR THE HEALTHY CUNY INITIATIVE “Snack Smarter Campaign” Type of Media or Genre: Guerrilla Marketing • First concept: the first ad is to force students to try the healthy snacking alternative by simply offering them the snack for free. In City College, there are too many easy unhealthy snacking alternatives that students pay for (vending machines, food carts, etc.) Simply presenting the free option to the students in high traffic places, they will take it upon themselves to try it. City College students are notorious for enjoying free food when offered by the school • Execution: In order for City College student to notice the snacks, they will be placed on tables right next to the food carts within the school within direct vision. The healthy snacks have been pre-labeled with special barcodes. These barcodes, upon scanned by a cellphone, will take the student’s mobile device to the Team SELF Facebook page, where they will be informed about healthy snacking tips and be linked to the “Snack Smarter” event on campus. During the process students will be filmed on a hidden camera. • Second Concept: The second ad will shock and grab attention from the busy population of City College students. Since the school suffers from the “curse” of being in the middle of a large city, a large majority of students that come to campus enter their classes and leave for the day, without much interaction with their surroundings. In relation to delivering the message of “Snacking Smarter” students coming into class will see chalk outlines of “dead bodies” as a result of unhealthy snacking in the sidewalks. This being a strange sight on the campus, students will immediately see an over-exaggerated message related to unhealthy snacking, and be informed about the “Snacking Smarter” event on campus, creating a buzz among students.

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