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Carlicia Taylor Leroy Tate ASC-45 30 October 2012 School Lunches Research Question: Why School lunches are becoming healthier in schools? To begin my research on school lunches, I’ve found out a lot of things that are being improved in lunches and some things that are still an issue. On a recent article I found online written by the New York Times called, “No Appetite for Good-for-You School Lunches” it talks about a suburban high school in Pittsburg of students complaining about their lunches how it’s expensive and especially how they’re not getting enough to eat because of the lunch size portions are being reduce to more healthier lunches. But an act was passed called The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which required public schools to follow new…show more content…
Work Cited Students launched a YouTube –fueled rebellion against the new government healthy meal guidelines they are high school students and their complaint is about lunch — healthier, smaller and more expensive than ever. Federal nutrition standards have been issued in the U.S. that will limit calories and sodium and mandate more servings of fruit and vegetables in school lunches. In defense of Food (Chapter 4) Not Too Much: How to Eat, talks about the nutrition of eating healthy and why is it important to eat

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