Teenagers in Public

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It comes 1 o’clock and all you can think about is getting away from your messy desk and noisy co-workers. How frustrating would it be going to a restaurant to get away from the noise and mayhem, only to find more there then where you come from! If a restaurant isn’t doing all they can to make their customers visit as enjoyable as possible, then they‘re not doing their job! This is why I believe restaurants should have to right to ban teenagers. To illustrate, who enjoys eating in a messy environment? According to a Munchies newspaper add, teenagers lead to a messy dining experience. Additionally, where there are teenagers, there is loud music and drama. Munchies add specifically states that and they are taking this problem by the horns in order to please the customer, because as you know, the customer is always right! In fact, teenagers turn the wealthier, more loyal customers away! According to a Munchies business analysis, during the summer Munchies made more profit due to the lack of teenagers. Businesses have a tough enough time making it in the economy! They don’t need people turning their loyal customers away! Some might say that they are turning their future customers against them. However, when the teens grow up the will mature and understand you have to o what you can to make the customers your number one priority. On the whole, banning teenagers may have a few withdraws, however, the good out ways the bad. Having those teens out during lunch hours will help businesses tremendously by increasing revenue! After all, that is the main objective of all businesses, is it not? Now think about your lunch plans again, still ready to get away from your messy desk and noisy co-workers? Imagine how much more peaceful and enjoyable it would be without all that noise and various mayhem! This is why I believe businesses should be allowed to ban

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