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Nicole Caffrey November 23, 2011 Mrs. Bentley Cell phone issue at Skyview High school In the halls of Skyview High school in Nampa, Idaho students are not aloud to have cell phones. During passing periods, no phone. During lunch, no phones. No phones what so ever can be used in the halls of Skyview High unless it is the beginning of school, and after school those are the only times. So they made it very clear not only to the students but everyone who steps in the halls of Skyview High that cell phone usage is two thumbs down. But don't you think that there is a proper time to use your phone? There are always inappropriate times of course to use your cell phone as well. One of those would probably be in the middle of class when the teacher…show more content…
well I will tell you in right here in this paragraph. A proper time for students to use there phones you would think would be at lunch or either during passing periods. During lunch we have forty five minutes of social time why not make that with cell phones as well. I know plenty of students probably do it anyways when we are not supposed to, and to be honest I am one of those as well. When we are eating no teachers are around us giving us more lessons. Is it really going to hurt someone texting at lunch? You think that would be an appropriate time, but its not. Or during passing periods we had five minutes to get to class to class. I know for some students it doesn't take that long to get to class unless talking with your friends which is the biggest thing. But don't you think if we were given the privilege to text during lunch and passing periods that it would slow down the amount of students dilly dallying in the halls. Think about it! Who are we stopping to talk to in the halls? Our friends. Who do we stand in a big groups with and socialize? Friends. Every little thing adds in the end of a everyday life for a teen are friends. And who do you think we text? Our friends. So if we were given the chance to text during passing periods and at lunch it will cut down on all the students being late because they were talking with there friends. If they were given the chance to text I bet the first thing they

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