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Air Force Core Values “The foundation is integrity, fortified by a commitment to the service of our country, and fueled by a drive in excellence in all that we do. The Air Force recognizes integrity first, service before self, and excellence as its core values. These are values every member must believe in, and more importantly, must live by. They are not just words, they are the standard. The core values are much more than the standard for work, they are a standard for life. We volunteered to serve our country and should remember that our individual actions define not just us but also the Air Force. These are the standards that not only our superiors expect of us, but more importantly our team members. The bond we create through training and war is a bond built upon these values. The three Air Force Core Values reminds myself of the way I was raised and the morals my family instilled in my mind. When I look around and see the best Airman they all have the same thing in common, a hard work ethic and an adherence to the core values in both their work and personal life’s. Every good leader I have ever worked under has shown the characteristics of the best Airman I Previously mentioned, which makes you want to follow them. Being that one “Air force guy” on the team means it is my job to represent not only my career field but also the Air Force as a whole. Without the Integrity to tell my leaders that we cannot drop a bomb, or operate a certain way I will be nothing but a hindrance to myself and the team. Without putting service before myself my team will never accept me or trust me on

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