True Heroism: Colin Luther Powell

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A solider to emulate “True heroism is remarkably sober, very un-dramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost- Arthur Ashe”. It takes a strong and dedicated person to push through the names, the criticism and become a success. No one sets out to be a hero or become someone’s inspiration, but you as the person looking up to them, look past the fame and the media to what is inside. No one else may see it but you know that is there, greater than anything. They may not think of themselves as heroes or great, but to you they are. You see them as perfect through their bad times and good. You wish someday, somehow, if only for a minute, you could be as great as them. A hero gives…show more content…
As in most immigrant homes the importance of education and personal achievement is stressed extremely, and the Powell home was not an exception. Upon graduating from high school in 1954, he entered the City College of New York to study geology and it was there, by his own account, that he found his true calling when he joined the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). He excelled within the program; he joined the Pershing Rifles, the ROTC fraternal organization and drill team which was begun by General John Pershing. Later in his college career he became commander of his unit's precision drill team. In 1958 he graduated at the top of his ROTC class, with the rank of cadet colonel, which is the highest rank that can be achieved in the cadet corps. Upon graduating from college Powell was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. He was then deployed to South Vietnam by President Kennedy in 1962 as his first tour of duty. In 1963, Lieutenant Powell was wounded by a booby trap while patrolling the Vietnamese border. He was awarded the Purple Heart, and later that year, the Bronze Star. Then Lieutenant Powell served a second tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968-69. During this second tour he was injured in a helicopter crash, he managed to rescue his fellow soldiers from the burning helicopter even though he had…show more content…
Gen Powell has given me an idol, a hero to look up to. I believe that we share somewhat of a similar background. I also understand the great opportunity that our parents have handed to us, by coming to this country. I appreciate the fact that I can become whatever I set my mind to, because America is the land of opportunity. As a United States soldier, I also have be trained that it takes hard work, motivation, and dedication to make your dreams come true. Gen. Powell once said “It takes personal hard work and dedication for you to become all that you can be”. On the base of my belief I find this statement to be so true. I've never depended on anyone and never wanted to. I set goals for myself and inspite of everything I've gone through, I've accomplished them and in some cases exceeded them. Those goals which people told me were un-attainable I have strived harder to attain. That which I was told I could not do, I worked harder to achieve. I will never pity myself for that which I don't have but instead I will work harder to get it. Many people have heroic qualities but being a hero and having heroic qualities are completely different. No one can learn how to be a hero and no one can teach it. A hero should know how to decide what is right, what is wrong, and what to stand for. A hero is someone that you see as being higher than you in strength, greatness and confidence. General Powell is the vision of the Immigrants American

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