Antigone - Loyalty And Obligation To Family

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Honor, loyalty, and obligation toward family Everyday brave people put their lives on the line to do what is correct in their eyes, and in the eyes of others. For most people, family, religion, and freedom comes before anything else. To me, loyalty and obligation toward my family is critical because my family is always there for me, they are always show respect toward my opinions, help me when needed, and always put me as a top priority in their life. I would never dishonor, nor turn my family away for anything or anyone. While these matters are vital in my life, they also play a great role in the world of literature. In the story of “Antigone” by Sophocles, Antigone put her life on the line in order to ensure that her brother Polyneices is given the proper burial that he deserves with the highest honors in the city of Thebes. Although Antigone understood the consequence of death in which her actions could lead her too, she chose to show obligation toward her family rather than abiding by the civil laws, which had been stated by Creon. In my life, I always perform my best in order to show responsibility and loyalty toward what my parents ask me to do for them. If any of my family is ever in trouble or needs help, I am always there for them when others are not. By doing this, I am often forced to make a great sacrifice of my time or stop whatever work I am doing. However, no matter what I may be doing, my family always comes before anything in my life. As a kid, I suffered many consequences for my actions that had been taken fourth towards others around me while still being able to push on through all of the trouble to become successful and keep on with my life in the right direction. While the story of “Antigone” displays obedience to civil law that everyone must abide by, it also gives a larger image of loyalty and obligation to

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