Conflict Management Assessment

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Week 5 Journal: Conflict Management Assessment After taking my conflict management assessment, I found out that I am able to handle conflict quite well and work very hard for a peaceful and mutual outcome for both parties. I am actually quite surprised at this because when I was younger I knew I had an attitude problem and did not know how to handle conflict. Growing up I always dealt with my conflict physically or almost always wanted to get even with the other person. After finding out my ability to handle conflict is greater than I perceived I felt great. Conflict was one of the hardest things for me to maintain as a pre-teen, but at this age I feel like I’ve grown tremendously. With this new understanding of my ability to work for peace during conflicting times, I feel as though life will be much more meaningful. It will help me succeed in ways, I can never comprehend. Using this knowledge I can improve on my conflict managements skills and use them through life, more efficiently than ever. In life we will always have conflicts, at home, at work and even at school. You can let one of two things happen; you can let the conflict become bigger than it really is or try to meet on common ground. I will always choose to work things out, regardless if I’m wrong or right. Doing this will not only help me with my conflict managements skills, but they will also improve my interpersonal skills and my ability to be open minded. In our world today, customer service is top priority, so if I’m able to enhance my ability to solve conflicts, than I can possibly conquer any conflict that comes my

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