Loyalty as a Soldier

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Loyalty: Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit, and other soldiers. I could tell soilders one thing, it would be:have faith. Faithint the Army, the leadership, and their own ability. In the Army, I recognize that loyalty is the thread that binds my actions together, defines my commitment to each other, my units, my country and my Constitution. I describe my commitment to my family members and the families of other troops. It enjoins me to my communitie and citizenry. I also demand a commitment to myselve as a individual and member of a greater team. I'm a two way commitment of both leader and the led. I see it's easy for me as a troop to display loyalty to their leaders. I often, have no choice. I'm in a profession that demands loyalty to ensure success on the battlefield and preparing for it. However, loyalty doesn’t mean being a “yes man.”I know there is a delicate balancing act that must be undertaken to ensure that, Me as a Soldier loyalty to my NCO'S doesn’t contradict my loyalty to the Constitution. In my opinion being a responsible soldier is a man or woman who attempts to live and apply the army values to everyday life. I place the mission first, as a soldier I automatically put myself second to everything I do; meaning selfless service. Regardless of my rank I know how to act in situations where I must present a professional and military image. I also take pride in what I do every day for my country. My Responsibilty as a soldier is to take full responsibility for all actions preformed by them or any actions that they help perform weather it was the right or wrong thing. As a Soldier I know where to be, what uniform to be in, what time to be there, and help make sure that every one of my seniors, peers, and subordinates know as well. I belive that I'm a responsible soldier to do the right thing even when

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