Managing as a Single Parent

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Managing as a Single Parent Responsible and caring parenting is a daunting task when it is done alone. Without my faith and support from others, I would never be able to manage a household. Also, sticking to a strict, but non-ridged schedule helps maintain some sanity. There are days when a schedule needs some alteration, but one goes with the flow. Because there is only one income, financial issues arise. This tends to cause stress when learning to juggle all of the bills with one paycheck. Communication with the important people in my life is also a struggle personally due to having an independent personality. Learning to swallow a little pride has been a hard lesson to accept. Managing as a single parent overall is a big job. Managing as a single parent is a lesson on prioritization, flexibility, and organization. Setting priorities is the main objective starting off: practicing time management is mandatory, as well as, being able to wear two hats at one time. As a single parent of three children, I have also learned to be flexible with my time. Making personal sacrifices for my children happen on a daily basis, but also remind me of the reason I became a parent in the first place. Keeping an open mind which has helped me to survive is important. To illustrate, times are different now opposed to when I was a child. I have to know where my children are coming from, so I can help them make hard decisions. In addition, I have had to organize my life around my children, so that I could always be there to help them with their homework, attend all of their extracurricular activities, or just have a willingness to listen. For instance, I relocated my job to be closer to my children and their activities. Having three teenage children going in three different directions helped me develop lines of communications with friends and family. Unless one has experienced

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