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Home of the Free Because of the Brave Over the many years of American history, the men and women of our nation's military services have been seen as fighters, warriors, and most importantly, as heroes. These men and women are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends. They fight to keep their friends and family free so that they might have the opportunity to pursue happiness with all of their ability while being free to do the things they wish to do, worship what they wish to worship, and print what they wish to print. They fight for the idea of the children of our nation's future, so that they can have the same rights and freedoms that their parents have been blessed with. In our nation's national anthem, one of the most important lines is that which reads, "the land of the free, and the home of the brave." One thing that we cannot take for granted is that we are the home of the free, solely because of the brave. The men and women of our nation's military have sacrificed a great deal for their country. They go overseas and sacrifice their lives physically so the people of America can continue…show more content…
Imagine always having to look over your shoulder watching for the enemy, taking steps into enemy territory knowing you may never set foot on American soil again. Imagine not being able to talk to your spouse for weeks at a time, not seeing your child's first steps, or hearing their first words. Imagine waking up everyday not feeling the safety of your own home. These men and women dealt with all of that, and so much more. The respect and gratitude they deserve is almost unimaginable. Anyone who could put the wants, needs, and lives of others in front of their own, is a true hero. The courage of these men and women has led to the truth and validity of the line, "the home of the free, and the land of the

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