How Does Pearl Harbor Affect Our Lives

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A young man, wanting to create a better life for his wife and kids, decides to fight for his country. His daughter gives him the biggest hug before he leaves. This precious, beautiful girl is what he wants to protect from all the bad in the world. He is sent off to Pearl Harbor with a couple of his buddies as a restraint against Japan’s aggression. Thinking nothing was going to happen to them, they fulfilled their duty, until December 7. Japan sent a secret aerial attack on Pearl Harbor. He did not expect it and neither did his family or friends. He died that day with his last memory being of his daughter hugging him goodbye. Never again will he see that beautiful face and she will grow up without a father. For those who died that day, and for their families, we remember Pearl Harbor and how greatly it affected…show more content…
This can be between us, society, and the world. On December 7, it was between America and Japan. From this event we learn our mistakes, right and wrong, and all about the people who were willing to sacrifice themselves for us. To think back to Pearl Harbor causes us to try to understand. That way we can learn for ourselves about the trials and pain of life. Everyone goes through it. Events like this cause the American people to become better and grow stronger. It helps us realize our weaknesses and what we need to improve. Just like we remember 9/11, we remember Pearl Harbor. The people at Pearl Harbor were there defending us, so we can have everything we dream of. Their lives got taken for you. We should always hold in our hearts a place for those who give their lives up for us. We should remember them and the good they did. Pearl Harbor fueled the American people to say no more. We didn’t want any more of our family members to die. That determination, because of that event, caused us to be the great American people we are today. For that, we should always remember Pearl

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