What It Means To Be A Hero Essay

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What it means to be a Hero One automatically thinks of superman when the word hero is mentioned, but it doesn’t take a life to be saved for someone to be recognized as a hero. Some of the greatest heroes are those who don’t expect the fame and glory for a good deed done. It takes a lot to be courageous, especially to be courageous in all situations; even the bad. Helen Keller lived a very tough life with no ability to see or hear but still she found a way to get passed her disabilities and rose above the boundaries that were put in front of her. She is a hero to all those who see no light at the end of the tunnel, to those who think they can’t persevere, but really, little do they know they can. She is a person the weak can look up to and a person who shows people all goals are possible. She reached her goals and left a legacy so that her name will never be forgotten.…show more content…
Every hero is brave in some way shape or form. The soldiers fighting for our freedom and our country deserve the label ‘a hero’. They put their selves in the line of fire for the American Flag. It takes a truly special person to join the military. The military turns an average man into every American citizen’s hero. On September eleven, true bravery was also shown when thousands of people ran towards the fire to try and save even just a single life. They risked their life in order to save a strangers life. Like our soldiers, men like these are the true examples of what heroes are. Heroes can be close to home like a mom or a dad, or even far from reality like a fantasy figure. Parents sacrifice time, money, and love for their children daily. They work harder than they should at times to provide their child with a good life. A parent is a hero to a child after having a scary nightmare and just wants to cuddle with mommy and daddy. Parents are a child’s lifesaver, and a child’s hero from the first breath of life to their very

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