The Man Who Denied to Be King (George Washington)

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Why didn’t he accept what he have been given the chance to become King? Everyone asks why when he had the greatest opportunity in the world and he still chose to decline. The first reason is that he was a great tactician. Next they say that he has been so inspiring to everyone in the world. And lastly they states that he is the reason that we had won the American Revolution. And if he don’t who he’s talking about its George Washington the one and only who led the colonist to victory. He is a person who played an important role in the American Revolution. Why he may ask he is such a great tactician? Well that’s because he was the one who had changed the rules of how war happened. But before the two armies would line up and open fire. But he had waited for the Loyalists to line up and then the colonist open fired from underneath killing hundreds of soldiers. He also was the one who came up with Fabian Strategy. A plan that involved avoiding bigger battles and fighting smaller battles to ware down the will of Hannibal's Carthaginian army. His level in developing strategies is like a bomb that never ticks down. These brutal strategies were the reason they had won this war and they had required industrious people to think like George. Continuing George Washington had been so inspiring to the world. So much that his picture is on $1 bill. One example of is his one of his quotes “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before he give them her confidence.” This quote usually made people be ambitious. And another example is him not giving up during the war and kept on fighting till the end. Most people would not be like him and would not have the courage to stay and fight. Also there are millions of people in the world who look up to him not only because of him being a great help in the war but the courage that he had while fighting.
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