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Why Veterans are Important to our Nation’s History and Future The Real Heroes You may know a few. They are living among us, typical citizens, silent heroes, living quietly, continuing to make the world a better place. They fought for our country with great courage and admiration, and are willing to do so again in the name of freedom and righteousness. These are our veterans of this great nation, the United States of America, who are one of its closely treasured people. The future of our country depends on the soldiers we have now who will become veterans. Veterans will also be able to pass down their stories to younger generations. Twenty-six of the forty-four presidents served for the military.…show more content…
Military veterans make the ultimate contribution to society; the dedication and bravery of soldiers have been a key pillar on which the United States stands. From Revolutionary War heroes to Vietnam veterans, a few veterans that have defended our country and that have brought an impact are: Tony Bennett, B.B. King, Bea Arthur, Mel Brooks, and hundreds more. Veterans are very important to our nation’s history and future. They impact our country everyday, and thanks to them we are free. War. It is something we all hear about but fail to comprehend. It is a violent practice that is not won by weapons but by soldiers. Veterans keep the story alive of the wars they fought in and teach the younger generations. I cannot imagine a world without veterans, the freedom lost, the patriotism missing from our hearts. Veterans have stood up for our country and helped us get some of the things we have now. They protected our nation, and without them our country may not have had a future. They kept us safe, sacrificing their lives to save ours. We are a better country for what our veterans, active-duty military, and their families sacrifice—but we do no good if we do not distinguish the continuing strains of war once our service members return home. Our work is not done—and will continue long after all troops come home. But today, we are reminded to never forget why veterans are important to

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