Kitty Genovese Event Reflection

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Upon entering the hall where the ‘Evening of International Psychology and Poetry Performances’ I really did not know what to expect. I have never attended one Brookdale’s in-house events before. Seeing that we were all the way in the back of the room, coupled with my height advantage, my viewpoint was great. I have never heard of Dr. Philip Zimbardo before Wednesday evening and I wasn’t familiar with what a ‘quiet hero’ was neither. One thing I was sure about is that my magnificent professor never steers her students wrong and that that evening’s festivities was sure to be a learning experience; and it was. First, the awards that were presented were great. I absolutely love the ‘quiet hero’ title because it gives recognition to the people who do great things for their communities. Dr. Zimbardo believes that every community possesses an individual or a group of individuals who deserves recognition for daily acts of heroism. Heroism can come in the form of many things, and Dr. Zimbardo most likely feels the same way I do pertaining to that. I manage twenty two employees where I work and one of the biggest ways I attempt to boost morale is by praising my employees when necessary, not just by scolding or disciplining them when something negative happens. That is one main reason why I was so intrigued to sit through the entirety of the reception. As the awards were being handed to each recipient, I listened carefully to the small speech that Dr. Zimbardo put together for each person and thought how fortunate each person was to be receiving such an award. Each speech was carefully put together and coordinated to fit the individual’s achievements. I thought that was very inspiring. Secondly, the awards for the honors students were very nice. I am an advocate for giving praise where it’s due. It is apparent that Brookdale in conjunction with Dr. Zimbardo and his

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